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quilter in studio

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Carol Bridges

I create enchanted clothworks to bring a sense of the sacred to your home and workplace. I love making people feel good inside when they look at my work. Every image expresses my love and inspires passionate engagement with life.


Making art is a healing action, and the finished work has a transformative presence. 


After meditation each morning, I head for my studio. I am often inspired by images and ideas which arise during my meditation journeys or by looking out he window into my woodland yard. Here on my land I call "Wild Grace," I also teach classes, perform ceremonies, and enjoy laying in the hammock on hot summer days.


My life has been focused on living in a peaceful way doing what I love. My professional work began in 1973 one day when from my office job I said to Whoever Is Listening that if I made $300 at an upcoming art fair, I would never work a "straight" job again.  Of course, I made exactly $300 that weekend, and I kept my promise.


Life has been one adventure after another since then, not all of them easy, but certainly food for creative expression! Making art of life is totally satisfying.


You can learn more about the kinds of things you and I might do together by going to my Nine Harmonies School website here. If you are more interested in just browsing my quilt art, please click on the menu above. You can also watch this video.


Some of my clients have their own dreams and visions they would like to see in cloth. I enjoy doing commissions. We talk first about your ideas and set the price. A small (non-refundable) down payment is required to cover the cost of materials and there is no obligation to purchase the finished piece if it is not to your liking. I have, thus far, been totally successful in pleasing everyone.


Seeing your own inspiring spiritual images displayed on the wall when you wake up in the morning is a great way to start each day with a smile.  Check out my Healing Quilt page for a story of the quilt which was made for a friend's healing.


To talk to me about creating a quilt of your personal vision or healing, contact me at

View my Facebook page at to see some of my works in progress and the works of others who are bringing beauty and wonder to life.

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