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seaside foliage quilt image

Moonlight Bay


INSPIRATION: By the light of the full moon, all the waters and flowers glisten, taking me into a state of awe.  "30" x 40". $1500. (sold)


TEACHING: There is beauty everywhere if we just take time to stop and drink it in.  Even in a generally unpleasant scene, look for some small thing ...a bird, a piece of trash with a message that seems to answer a question you have been holding in your mind, a subtle sound... anything that takes you into a recognition of life's wonders.

girl by stream in forest

Water Sprite

INSPRIATION: Resting on the limb of a tree, there sits a water spirit, though she could simply be seen as a young girl. She is enthralled by the play of light in the trees and dancing on the waters where turtles swim.  32" x 42". $750 (sold).


TEACHING: Spirit is everywhere in all things. The Ultimate Being is manifest as every life form and can be found anywhere we find our heart at peace. 

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