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mother and child embracing in forest image

In the Forest of Mother Love 

INSPIRATION: A commission for someone wanting to focus on re-uniting mother and child.   45" x 42". $2000. (sold)


TEACHING: Art is a powerful healer, giving us a constant visual reminder of our hopes and dreams and adjusting images we may hold in sorrow to move, shift and transform. Such images often result in actions which heal old wounds.

faery ring, enchanted forest

Faery Ring


INSPIRATION: A commission for someone very in touch with nature. She remarked, "Faery Ring hangs in my bedroom and feels like it invites in beings of light as guardian spirits in my dreams."  31" x 32". $800 (sold). 


TEACHING: It is the nature of the Faery people to be invisible to minds too busy being rational and doubting the power of the imagination, but if you go deep into the mists of green, there you will join their dance.

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