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Healing Quilts

Grandmother & Little One

About the quilts: All quilts are three or more layers of cloth with a four inch wide hanging sleeve on the back. Most of my quilts include beading and embroidery. Many are primarily hand-sewn. It is sometimes possible to add pieces of cloth from your loved one's clothing or favorite fabric. This makes it even more personally meaningful. Size of the quilt can be anything between 24" and 60" to be determined when we talk.


Fees for this kind of quilt vary depending on complexity and time. Please contact me to discuss your needs for this type of quilt. Email


"Grandmother & Little One" quilts are a well-loved theme for a commissioned quilt. I receive your personal story regarding the dreams you and your grandchild or children hold. Then I craft an image that will remind you of the dream coming true. As I work on and finish the quilt, I think of your prayers and add 108 of my own prayers affirming your well-being and fulfillment of the dream.

Grandmother & child in boat cruising on a mystical river landscape to a faerytale world. Rainbow colors, flowers and animals.
Holy Mother

"Holy Mother" is the quilt I did for someone whose wife passed away. It includes images of her favorite things and images spiritually meaningful to her. This can be very helpful to the one missing their beloved's physical presence during times of grieving. This quilt purposely obscures the face of the beloved who holds the small bear. A veil descends from "Holy Mother" who embraces the soul as she ascends from the physical body.

closeup Holy Mother
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