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Grandmother and child create the New World

Grandmother and Little One

Create the New World


INSPIRATION: I was inspired by the teaching stories elders have always shared with their grandchildren. Grandmother imagines that she and the little one can take a shamanic boatride into the world of "Let's Believe." There she instructs the young one in how to bring imagination to life.


32" x 54". $1500 (sold to a new grandmother whose grandchild was just moving in with her).



Grandmother and child sit by the fireplace.

Love is in the Telling.

INSPIRATION: This quilt honors the grandmothers who have sewn their stories into their quilts. A young person is wise to ask Grandmother to tell about the experiences and the feelings that prompted these expressions of her heart.  28" x 36". $800 (sold).

TEACHING: Try your hand at making a story quilt. There are so many techniques and supplies to work with these days. Your quilt can contain actual photos on cloth or be wildly abstract. Expressing yourself in cloth just feels good.  And your grandchild will love it!

See a sample on the Healing Quilts page.

TEACHING: Whatever you have learned in your years of life experience, be sure to pass it on to those who come after you.  The world very much needs your wisdom, humor and special gifts.

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