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Healing Quilts

This is a close-up detail of the quilt below. 

The Golden Prince of the Deep Woods

Many years ago I attended a ceremony in which a Native American healer worked with a friend at the site of a small waterfall in California. His assistant prayerfully wove a basket as the healer did his work. My friend was healed. My teacher, Sun Bear, spoke often about "making" prayers rather than "saying" prayers.

Years later, I was at a quilt show in Bloomington, Indiana. There were perhaps a hundred quilts on display, but one called out to me from across the room.  All of the quilts were beautiful, but this one had some other special quality. I walked up to it to read the description. It said, "With every stitch I made a prayer for my husband who is a soldier in Afghanistan." The prayerful stitches clearly radiated this woman's love and desire to protect her loved one and bring him safely home.

We all have loved ones and an entire planet which now calls out for healing. I am learning that "healing" usually means deleting obstacles to our well-being and allowing the miraculous flow of life to take over once again. This is not an easy task. I find it helpful to use the creation of a work of art as the process which involves my whole body and mind in making something positive out of whatever is going on.

The quilt depicted above is one I made recently for a dear friend who had a back injury. I imagined the spine as like a tree growing strong and flexible, filled with life and reaching for the sky. The day I finished the quilt, the doctor told my friend that he was fine, none of the previously recommended surgery was needed. My own prayers of gratitude for this person's life touching mine were sewn into this quilt each day. I am certain that mine were not the only prayers that reached what I call "the frequency of regeneration." God's grace already fills all space and time just waiting for us to notice. Making something with the fullness of our heart is one of the ways we acknowledge this Presence.

My focus this year is on deepening my knowledge and ability to make art that heals. I will be happy to create commissioned work for you and those you love who are in need of healing.


Contact me at and we can discuss the details. 

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