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I Am Part of It

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Inspiration: I was remodeling a house that had been built in 1899 when a spirit dwelling there in the back yard introduced himself as Hokolesqua. He said that his people had lived on the land and that he was part of it. I listened.



Teaching: All of the native people who lived their lives and died in the place they called home became part of the land. They were not buried in concrete, but gave their bodies back to Mother Earth to be come part of her once again.

I Am Part of It details

Description: Heavily beaded and embroidered, hand and machine sewn, several layers of primarily cotton cloth with a 4" hanging sleeve on the back.

40" wide x 38" high. $2500. Mastercard & Visa accepted.

To purchase, email

I can also make a quilt expressing your unique vision or experience. Just get in touch to discuss the possibilities.

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