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"There is a Goddess Deep Inside" 

Inspiration: I came across some pink satin that felt so sensual that I wanted to use it to say something about women's sexuality. I decided to use the entire gown rather than cut it into pieces and show that deep inside a woman, there is a sacred female. She is holy, nurturing and fertile (as shown by the twin souls above her head).

From her chakra energy centers pour a wealth of blessings, but only if she is recognized for her true nature.

Teaching: In order to have a deeply enriching sexual relationship, each person must be seen, at least in that intimate interaction, as an embodiment of the divine.

15" x 48". $100. To purchase, email me at

"I Love My Planet"

Inspiration: I intended to create an image of an ancient goddess, but as I proceeded, she became younger and younger. I took this as a sign that She never ages!

Teaching: The Goddess, whether we think of her as Mother Earth, Mother Mary, another deity or the Wise Woman within, She is always renewing herself.

This quilt won 2nd place in the Bloomington Eco-heroes contest, April 2017.

25" x 31", Sold.  I love making quilts to celebrate women's lives. If you have a special request, email me at

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