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women sewing a peace quilt of the new world

"Can We Sew Peace by Morning"

This quilt was originally inspired by a vision I had one morning after hearing of the war in Iraq. I saw women quilting a new world from the compassion they felt for all beings. Each woman has embroidered her own sentiment in the quilt, and their faces express their various feelings. The sun is rising behind them and the fringe shows that the new world is not yet complete.


I do my best to put my own peaceful feelings into evey quilt I make and ask the Source of All Life to radiate love to all who see my work. It is people like you who hold peace in your hearts that purchase my work, and together we seed the Earth with visions of rebirth.  

Join me by becoming part of the community of people who are doing what they love, making a life and a living while making postive change in the world.

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