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nature spirit and tree spirit in magical forest

Kiss of the Spirit


INSPIRATION: I live in the hardwood forest of southern Indiana. I am thus constantly inspired by the light and colors of the woods.  As I crafted the cloth tree in this quilt, it bagan to look very womanly. On another day, I saw a hint of a spirit in the cloth as a face seemed to appear just above the tree's head to the left. I then gave the spirit a hand and let the beads of light flow down upon the waters which glow with soft sunset pink and yellow. The foilage is drinking in these sunset gifts. Brown tree trunks frame the scene.


The quilt is embellished with embroidery and beads.


TEACHING: A major shift of consciousness occurs when we begin to appreciate everything that has taken place in our lives and everything that we are currently experiencing. Gratitude is a giant eraser eliminating huge blockages to our well-being.  Every image we hold onto is part of our constant creative making of our life. The better the image, the better the life. 

44" x 51". $2900.

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