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many colored leaves blowing from fall trees

"Free Fall"

INSPIRATION:  It has been a beautiful season of color here in Brown County, Indiana, this year.  My walk down my road made me feel good every day.  Leaves were every shade of orange, red, green, yellow and purple dancing like butterflies as they tumbled to the ground.


All of these leaves are separate pieces of cloth. The tree trunks are many layers.  Lots of embroidery embellishes the work.  "19" x 25". $257.  SOLD.


TEACHING: Every season has its gift of beauty. We would be wise to acknowledge that each year of human life also has its special wonders.

"Sparks of Life"  (below)

INSPIRATION: At the end of summer, I reflected upon the amazing life always pouring forth from the ground. Plants and tiny creatures abound here where I live. Something is always popping up, each thing of an exquisite design if you look closely.  "19" x 25". $195. Sold.


TEACHING:  Looking closely is the key.  Stop. Look. Listen.  Nature is such a healing force.  She can be fierce, of course, but mostly when she needs to clean up our messes.

Landscape quilts are favorites. Send me some photos of your favorite place and I can use it as inspiration for a quilt you purchase.


green grasses, blue flowers art quilt
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