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Create Your Own Magical Homestead

and Live Like a Goddess Now

Earth Goddess Mentoring Program

A Living Goddess is a woman who lives her art and does her part for the Earth's upliftment. This begins with the smallest actions right in your own home and consciousness. I help you create a blissful home that stunningly supports who you truly are and ignites your passion to do what you love.

Step One: The course begins with Live Like a Goddess Now, a brief introduction to the path of becoming your highest expression of who you are. 


Step Two: Live Like a Goddess, the Three Awakenings. Unveil the Maiden, Mother and Wise Woman alive inside you.

Step Three:  The Splendor of Love reveals treats and secrets your bedroom holds.

Step Four: Explore The Five LOVEstyles of the Living Goddess and learn how to enjoy all of them. Get in touch with how to communicate with those whose lovestyles are different than your own, including your children!

Step Five: Journey through your major life endeavors with confidence and joy as you explore Home Re-imagined. Break free of the cultural cocoon into the new paradigm of peace and freedom.

Step Six: Views of the Possible will show the way to uplift your home, read its hidden messages and experience the easy, magical changes this shift will bring with step-by-step instructions and examples of what others have done. 

Step Seven: Then you will take a Live Your Art Nine Day Fling.

Step Eight: How to Share Your Wisdom will give you tips on how to promote your art online if you choose to do so.

Step Nine: Spin Your Story, End Your Struggle will capture those remaining blocks that you sometimes stumble over and get on with your personal version of success.

Step Ten: It's About Time tackles the places that extra time you need might be hiding.


In this program, Carol guides you to unveil the Living Goddess that you are and unleash the power of a purposeful home. We will explore the art that is your particular passion and move it into its full expression. You will share in weekly conversations with Carol so that your unique goals and challenges are addressed with specific solutions designed just for you.