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Butterfly Path

velvet art quilt

INSPIRATION: I love the look and feel of velvets and satins. The pieces of cloth themselves inspired this quilt.  Embroidery embellishment. 28" x 44". $475.  SOLD.


TEACHING: Scraps of cloth, like pieces of our lives, all fit together into a beautiful whole if we but notice the beauty of each small piece. 

Patterns & Flow of Nature in Spring

INSPIRATION: Spring in southern Indiana is so exhuberant! Life just seems to jump out of the ground in all colors and forms. Green is everywhere and butterflies, hummingbirds, songbirds, frogs and dragonflies animate the yard. 23" x 23". $395.  SOLD.


TEACHING: You are indivisible from this life force. Forms change, but the circle of life remains.

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