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Carol Bridges' Online Courses 


I love for you to start liberating your art by doing what you enjoy with no obligation to meet anyone's expectations whatsoever. I have found that major life changes sometimes happen when I collage, especially when I have an intention in mind.  Students have reported positive shifts in everything from re-uniting with family members, transforming problems in their communities and finding the love of their life.  Advertisers would not be spending billions of dollars on images if they were not a super powerful tool. We can take this power and aim it in the direction of enhancing our own personal life endeavors. You will learn how in all of my books and courses. Many of my online courses are FREE.

journal, paint brushes, beads, feathers
dawn landscape
sad and happy woman
Give yourself another chance to do what you love


This short online course gives you a daily assignment of fun to rekindle your long held interest or try something completely new. Spending one hour a day will do the job or take as long as you wish. The art in your heart is waiting for you.

Gain access to your Maiden, Mother and Wise Woman

All three aspects of your Goddess Self are alive and well. Discover how to ignite their power to bring you energy, joy and wisdom in your love relationships.

Discover how to cherish all varieties of loving expression.

Have you ever felt misunderstood when you were doing your best to love someone? Have you been confused about the ways another has tried to show love to you? This course will help.

Start here to explore the many ways your soul is communicating with you through your house.



Every room of your home reveals so much more about your deep feelings and desires than you imagine it could. With knowledge of how your rooms are talking, you will be able to make amazing changes to your life. This course tells you how to begin to hear the messages that will guide you to personal fulfillment in every area of your life.

Enhance all of your life endeavors by learning the language your house is speaking.

We are in a new paradigm, feeling the deconstruction of old institutions and building anew. Learn how the societal and world changes affect your life and how you can affect the life of the world.

Create a home that stunningly aligns with who you truly are.

You can support each member of your family in bringing about a successful life through understanding the stories your house is telling you. Learn how others are bringing the spirit of life into their spaces and reaping rich rewards.

Whether or not you want to keep the job you have, you can use this course to inspire your creative life

Meditations, journaling and step-by-step practical guidance to help you assess your life situation from every angle and make the changes necessary for success in doing what you love. 

Feeling stuck? Usually there are things you find yourself saying that will lead to the hidden persuader


Sometimes we discover that some phrase we heard so often as a child has lodged itself firmly in our consciousness but is no longer beneficial to our well-being. It is easy to find this thread that keeps unraveling our journey to the good life we desire. Start here to create new words to live by and watch your life improve.



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