A Magical Journey begins in your imagination.  


From these inspirations, you build your life. You can bring enchantment into your home by displaying an image which depicts your highest intentions for your family. Quilts can wrap your soul in comfort every time you gaze upon them. They tell the stories your soul is waiting to hear.


You can uplift the consciousness of everyone who enters your home simply by giving them subtle visual clues on how to live a joyous life.  The images below are details of my larger quilt tapestries. Follow the images on a magical journey into a safe and nourishing world in which there are Guides and loved ones who always care for you.  


PS: Most of the quilts depicted on this page and the next page have been sold.  If you see one you love which is no longer available, I can do a special commission quilt for you. I would love to make a quilt of your own guiding vision or to honor the special event that never fails to uplift you. See the Order Here link in the menu bar above for details.  Click on any image for a larger view. 

woman ascending stairs of gypsy wagon to meet Guide
The Meeting

If we search inside ourselves, there is always a Divine Being taking a form which pleases us, communicating in images our soul can love.

woman touching head of sleeping child
The Guardian


At night we are watched over by a Loving Presence who listens to our dreams and hears our prayers. The very best prayers are those of gratitude for what we have.

mother and child in light of the forest
In the Forest of Mother Love


There is a Divine Mother within some female presence in our lives, even if our physical caretaking mother is not able to meet our needs.

Guardian Angel hovering over child's bed

Angel Blessing

We cannot see them with our ordinary eyes, but we can often feel their presence. 

Elder and child magically creating a nourishing world

Grandmother and Little One Create a New World


Elders listen to our stories and help us create a world which supports the fulfillment of our dreams.

Grandmother telling story to child by fireplace

Love is in the Telling

There is no better way to teach than to be a storyteller. The experiences we have lived through are adventures in courage and love. Our children need to hear them as much as we need to tell them.