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spiral of life art quilt

Life Continues

INSPIRATION: This quilt depicts the spiral of Earth's evolution through time and space and the small but important part each of us plays in keeping her healthy and whole. There is a tiny image of a log cabin and sheep in a small segment of green trees and an image of the planet in the center of the spiral. Embroidered in the spiral are the words, "Life continues" and "God is Here Now. 33" x 37". $900.  SOLD.


TEACHING: When studying with Sun Bear, Ojibway medicine man, he spoke of visiting many ancient petroglyphs (sites where there are rock carvings done by indigenous people).  Each one told a story of Earth's possible endings. And each one ended with a symbol for "Life Continues."

Flower Dance

'INSPIRATION: i began with enjoying the movement created by the lines in the paisley print. I sensed the wind blowing and moving all the flowers to dance with joy.  18" x 26". $700. Sold.

TEACHING: The more I watch the trees and listen to the sound of the wind in the leaves, their music, I feel that they are doing a great dance with every other tree and creature who touches them.  Nature has so many ways of helping us to know what cooperation really means. 

black horse with rider


INSPIRATION: A couple of commissions for people who love horses inspired this one. I wanted to express the action and vitality of the beautiful black horse. 34" x 31". $500. SOLD.




death and ascension mystical journey art quilt

Soul Call

INSPIRATION: "Soul Call" was made during the winter of processing the death of my beloved partner of 27 years. It shows a dynamic circular process in which (at bottom center) the spirit leaves the dying body in the arms of his loved one, moves along a path of spirit helpers to return (upper right) to the arms of Great Mother as a child again in order to receive whatever nourishment was lacking during his physical life. Then the soul proceeds to the state of Being/Consciousness/Bliss (upper left) and becomes a transmitter of peaceful blessings to all. Meanwhile, Great Mother plants her garden of continuing Earth life forms in the dust of the body which has once again become the fertile soil of life. 49" x 48". $1500. 


TEACHING: You might wonder why I am selling this. It is because this process has become so real to me and I am in ongoing communication with my ascended loved one. I want to pass on the piece so that it can assist someone else who has experienced such a loss to move into this greater understanding.

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