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This is My Body

INSPIRATION:  I originally designed this quilt to participate in a show sponsored by a church.  I wanted to put forth another conception of what Jesus Christ meant when he said, "This is my body."  Was he only speaking of bread?  I don't think so.  Perhaps he was speaking about all that nourishes us on this planet Earth.


I have pictured him holding the Earth in his hands in a gesture of offerring.  Earth is truly a gift to us.  It is holy for many reasons. One, that the Divine created it, lives upon it, is its Light and Love. It is also a part of our own wholeness.  We cannot live without it.

24" x 60". $1500.  SOLD.



TEACHING:  Our awakening as human beings depends upon our realization of the Infinite Love and Light, in many traditions known as the Christ or Christ Consciousness.  This consciousness unites us with all that exists.  In this state of consciousness, we naturally care for our planet and all of its creatures.